Pottery workshop at Espaço Oficina, organised by Maria Fernanda Braga

"Creativity demands courage."

Henri Matisse

Maria Fernanda Braga dedicates herself to the organization of pottery workshops for children and teenagers, at schools, libraries and museums. She also dedicates herself to forming teachers in many different Forming Centres. Here are some of the institutions with which she has already collaborated: Alberto Sampaio Museum; Raul Brandão Municipal Library; Martins Sarmento Forming Centre; ALord Foundation; Bráulio Caldas Forming Centre; Oficina/ Cultural Centre of Vila Flor; many nursery schools and schools that belong to the municipality of Guimarães; FNAC, among many others.

Pottery workshop at FNAC, organised by Maria Fernanda Braga

Pottery workshop organised by Maria Fernanda Braga: report produced by Vale do Sousa TV