Ó oleiro dá ao pé
A roda não deixes parar
Anda, anda, ó rodinha
Para o barro não secar.

Joaquim Oliveira (a potter from Guimarães)

Pot in spiral with lid, by Maria Fernanda Braga (height 16cm)     Vase in spiral, by Maria Fernanda Braga (height 18cm)         Angel shaped vase, by Maria Fernanda Braga (height 18cm)

“Maria Fernanda Braga is able to join traditional techniques of manufacture and ornament – she keeps, for example, the use of mica in the ornament of many of her pieces – to new techniques and shapes. It couldn’t be in a different way, since ceramic, just like man, changes according to our necessities, to fashion and to the creativity of each one of us.”

Isabel Maria Fernandes (March 2005)